What is Ortho-Tain?

Ortho-Tain is an innovative method for straightening teeth that works differently than conventional braces or even aligner therapy. Instead of wearing the device during daytime hours, Orthodontic patients wear it at night to help address problems like overbites and unwanted spaces in a way without compromising one's daily activities or oral hygiene routine; this makes them perfect for patients that want their problem solved quickly with less discomfort.

What are the Benefits of Ortho-Tain?

Ortho-Tain is the answer for all your dental needs. With treatments for kids and adults, Orthodontic experts can help patients achieve a beautiful smile in less than one year! Once everything's aligned correctly and properly positioned inside their mouth; they'll be able to enjoy improved oral health and self-esteem too.

Want to Learn more About Ortho-Tain?

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