Porcelain Crowns (Caps)

Dental Crowns in Greenfield

porcelain dental crowns in Greenfield at Kirkwood DentistryRestoring your damaged teeth can improve your oral health and overall appearance. Dental crowns are some of the most reliable restorations for protecting your teeth and restoring their strength and functionality. At Kirkwood Dentistry, we use advanced technology to provide an anxiety-free dental experience that's friendly and comfortable for all ages, from kids to mature adults.

Our 3-D imaging, digital x-rays, and modern techniques ensure precise and customized care for your whole family. We also use the Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System for pain-free injections, suitable for those with a very low pain tolerance.

If you are looking to restore your damaged teeth, dental crowns could be the best option for you. Our friendly and fantastic cosmetic dentists, Dr. Trent Kirkwood, and Dr. Brian Kirkwood will take the time to get to know you and your smile goals. Call for an appointment today!


What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are custom-made caps used to restore significantly damaged teeth. They can help cover, protect, and renew dental function, especially for large areas of decay that a filling can't fix. A crown encompasses the entire tooth down to the gums and saves it from further bacterial infection. Our practice provides high-quality porcelain and composite crowns in Greenfield designed to fit your smile precisely.

How Are Crowns Used?

Crowns are a highly versatile solution used to address an extensive range of dental problems. Our dentists may recommend you get a crown if you have:

Our dentists can perform root canal therapy or extraction when needed. We recommend the most conservative treatment option and only perform extractions as a last resort to protect your dental health.

What to Expect When Getting a Crown

Procedure steps to getting a porcelain dental crown in GreenfieldGetting a crown takes a total of two visits. Our team will take the necessary x-rays during your initial visit. If you qualify for a crown, we use special tools to shape the tooth and digital technology to take impressions. We then send the images to a trusted dental lab, where they will create your crown with great precision.

When your crown is ready, our staff will schedule your second visit. We will make sure your crown fits and make any final adjustments to give you a comfortable bite. Finally, we cement the crown in place. We carefully craft crowns to look and fit naturally and help you eat, speak, and smile with confidence!

The Steps of a Crown Procedure

At Kirkwood Dentistry, your oral health and safety are top priorities. All our services are personalized to ensure exceptional care. To provide a comfortable and pain-free dental experience, we use the Anutra local anesthetic delivery technique.

Step One: Before dispensing the anesthetic, we first mix it, and it takes less than ten seconds to be ready for use. We then connect the syringe to the dispenser, and with a simple twist, we can administer the anesthetic with ease and comfort. After the injection, the area gets numb in seconds, reducing both the wait time and discomfort. This process lowers anxiety levels and increases your comfort during treatment.

Step Two: Once the gum area is numb, we remove enough enamel from the damaged tooth to make room for the crown. Where necessary, we will use the air abrasion tooth-preparation technique to remove all necessary tooth structure.

Step Three: We then take an impression of your prepared tooth and send it to the lab where the custom crown is fabricated. Afterward, we will fix a temporary crown and adjust it to ensure a comfortable fit. This temporary crown will protect the prepared surface as you wait for a permanent crown from the lab, which takes around two weeks.

Step Four: Once the custom crown is ready, we remove the temporary cap and clean the tooth's surface. By cleaning the tooth before placing a dental crown, we prevent further damage and infection that could spread to the adjacent teeth. The next step is to test the fit, feel and color to make sure it's a perfect match. If everything is in excellent condition, we permanently cement the crown in place.

What if I Have a Broken or Damaged Crown?

A crown is one of the most durable restorations you can receive. However, accidents can happen, causing your crown to break or wear down. If you have a damaged crown, we are ready to help. Our team can determine whether your crown should be repaired or replaced. Either way, we will ensure you have a functional bite and renewed aesthetics.

Quality Crowns in Greenfield

quality dental crowns in GreenfieldWhether you are struggling with decayed teeth, chipped enamel, or deep tooth discoloration, getting a dental crown is an effective and beautiful solution to your dental problems. Since everyone has their unique taste and preference, we will always discuss the available restoration options and help you choose the right one for you.

Our dentists at Kirkwood Dentistry are gentle and compassionate. We accept most insurance providers, and we will help all your family members access exceptional dental care that is affordable and convenient. Please schedule your appointment with our Greenfield team today!



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