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Rejuvenate Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in Greenfield

Cosmetic dentists in Greenfield, Dr. Trent Kirkwood and Dr. Brian KirkwoodThere is no limit to the benefits that beautiful and healthy teeth can provide you. At Kirkwood Dentistry, we want to help you experience all those advantages with comprehensive cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Trent Kirkwood and Dr. Brian Kirkwood are committed to providing you with exceptional care. They blend personalization and skill with proven techniques and innovative technology.

We know the importance of keeping your teeth and gums healthy and believe that a radiant smile requires optimal oral health. Our dentists have designed cosmetic solutions with this in mind. We provide expert dental care to individuals and their family members throughout Greenfield, East Indianapolis, and Hancock County. Contact Kirkwood Dentistry to schedule your cosmetic consultation today!


Cosmetic Solutions Available at Kirkwood Dentistry

We are proud to offer many ways for you to achieve the smile you have always wanted. Our comprehensive services make it easy to receive all the care you need in one convenient location. We make sure to stay ahead of the latest advancements and use dental technology to provide safe, precise, and reliable treatment.

Our cosmetic services include:

We use porcelain and composite materials that mimic natural enamel. However, our team also understands that these materials may not be suitable for everyone. That is why we also provide treatments using amalgam when appropriate.

Complete Smile Makeovers Personalized to You

A smile makeover takes multiple procedures and combines them with the most comprehensive techniques modern cosmetic dentistry can offer. Our goal is to enhance what you love about your smile and correct what you do not. These makeovers often also include various treatments for repairing and replacing teeth. You may qualify for this treatment if your situation involves:

  • Cracked, chipped, or fractured teeth
  • Worn, or short-looking teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Sizable gaps between teeth
  • Crooked, crowded, or rotated teeth
  • Excessive gum tissue
  • Deeply discolored teeth

We use advanced technology and trusted techniques to provide you with your very best results. The process involves detailed consultations, discussing your preferences and treatment goals. Our dentists also conduct a thorough oral health exam to identify any concerns. From there, we work closely with you to design a smile makeover plan that is all your own.

Professional Teeth Whitening for Dazzling Results

Greenfield cosmetic dentistry offering teeth whiteningWhile your teeth are strong, they can stain easily. Discoloration occurs when your enamel is exposed to foods and beverages that contain dark pigments. Drinks like red wine, tea, coffee, and foods such as berries and tomato sauce can leave stains that build up over time.

With cosmetic teeth whitening, we can break-up stains that cause discoloration. We only provide professional treatments that include formulas designed to lift staining and reveal the bright shade underneath. Our team offers take-home solutions with Opalescence®.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening with Opalescence

With opalescence take-home bleaching, you can choose to brighten your smile when and where you want. We offer custom and form-fitting trays to complete your whitening kit. Each kit also includes syringes containing the opalescence solution. Taking this treatment home can provide several benefits. You can enhance your smile safely, and the trays help produce an all-over even whitening.

Porcelain Veneers for Transformative Treatment

Cosmetic dentist in Greenfield transforms smiles with porcelain veneersSometimes, dental staining is a discoloration of the dentin and not on the surface. This kind of discoloration can result from an injury or medication and may not respond well to professional whitening. In this case, porcelain veneers might be the best cosmetic dental option!

Veneers are thin shells made from beautiful, durable, and natural-looking porcelain. Each is crafted to match the unique characteristics of your teeth, provide balance, and highlight natural beauty at the same time.

4 Way Veneers Can Improve Your Smile!

Veneers work best when placed by our skilled dentists, often on the six most visible teeth. They can mask multiple imperfections and transform your smile. Professional veneers can:

  1. Eliminate deep discoloration & resistant stains
  2. Conceal existing chips & cracks
  3. Remove unwanted spaces
  4. Address minor misalignment

Laser Crown Lengthening & Gum Treatments

Our dentists perform crown lengthening with the use of dental laser technology. Treatments with our BIOLASE® Waterlase® laser require no drills or sutures and don’t produce heat or vibrations.

We remove excess gum tissue with cosmetic crown lengthening to reveal more of your enamel. This creates an even balance between your gums and teeth. Our dentists can contour gums using gentle, sterile, and safe laser technology.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Greenfield to Achieve Your Dream Smile

Whether you have one concern or many, we can help. Dr. Trent and Dr. Brian provide comprehensive and personalized cosmetic dentistry throughout East Indianapolis and Hancock County and look forward to serving you. Contact Kirkwood Dentistry today to get started!



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