Whats New?

Dr. Kirkwood believes in using the latest dental technology in his practice.


1) Now using ANUTRA MEDICAL ANESTHETIC to provide a pain and anxiety free dental experience.

 Anutra is transforming the way in which local anesthetics are buffered and delivered to patients. With the Anutra Dispenser, Cassette and Syringe, practitioners are able to increase productivity and enhance patient experience. Please watch this video testimonial on Anutra's pain free effectiveness. http://anutramedical.com/testimonials/


2) Kirkwood Dentistry was the first General Practice in Indiana to utilize advanced Kodak 3-D imaging technology.

3) First in Indiana to deploy computer assisted decay detection technology.

4) This practice uses digital x-ray technology that reduces radiation up to 90%.

5) First practice in Greenfield that was a stand alone Dental facility (not in a converted house or multi building).

6) Largest Sterilization Room in the State- 34' lineal and 2 autoclave sterilizers. (at the time of build)

7) One of the first to have available onsite cleaning of dental scrubs.

8) One of the few to use air abrasion technology in sealants and small fillings.

9) One of the first to implement Water-Lase Laser technology.

10) One of the few with 3 lasers.

11) First in the county using VELSCOPE cancer detection machine.  Now there is one other.



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