Meet The Team

Our Team is Friendly and Professional at Kirkwood Dentistry in Greenfield! 

Wow, what a great group of dental teammates we have here at Kirkwood Dentistry. The knowledge and expertise of these incredible professionals is unmatched. The time, effort and wisdom these individuals have is astonishing. Not only are they wonderful people on their own, the combination of their skills and talents make patients happy and comfortable. All of our team members work together with Dr. Trent Kirkwood and Dr. Brian Kirkwood to provide our patients with an amazing experience at Kirkwood Dentistry. Contact our friendly team in our Greenfield office for your routine cleanings and exams!

With no further ado, meet our team:


Expanded Functions Dental Assistant, Office Administrator

Amanda graduated from Beech Grove High School in June 2007. She began her on-the-job training with Dr. Kirkwood in June of 2007. In November 2008, she attended the IU School of Dentistry and became an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant.  She has her Radiology license, Coronal polishing and Fluoride license as well.

She is one of our front office insurance coordinators, but she can also be found in the back office as she is also an expanded functions dental assistant. Amanda can perform seamlessly in any area of the office. She spends countless hours on continuing education and travels to other states routinely to learn all she can.

Amanda enjoys spending time outdoors, archery, and hunting; but most importantly she loves spending time with her family.

“It's always really friendly here. Amanda is thorough and does a great job working on me. I always have a nice time being worked on here.” -Neil


Expanded Functions Dental Assistant/Office Administrator

Chelsea graduated from New Castle High School. She currently attends IUPUI to further her education and follow her dream of becoming a dental hygienist.   She is an accomplished Expanded Functions Dental Assistant and has her radiology license and her coronal polishing and Fluoride license.   Chelsea works seamlessly from front to back office and is proficient at all areas of the office. She has been with Kirkwood Dentistry since 2015.

She attended the New Castle Career Center for Dental Assisting. In her spare time, Chelsea enjoys running, water skiing, and spending time with her family and friends. 

“Chelsea is an inspiring young individual. She is always a uplifting person and she someone you want to sit and have a conversation with. She makes you feel better just being around her” -Jenny


Office Administrator

Heather graduated in the Spring of 2002, from Warren Central High School and the Walker Career Dental Assisting Program.  After graduation she spent years honing her skills in the back office assisting arena. She is a joy to be around and a little shy at times- like most of our team members.  Heather has spent countless hours in continuing education to make sure she knows everything there is to know about your insurance, chart, software and family situations.   She has traveled to several states to learn all she can.

 Heather enjoys music and spending time with family.

 “You are stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and braver than you believe.”

LouAnn , LDH

Licensed Dental Hygienist

LouAnn is part of our outstanding dental hygiene department. She is an Indiana University Dental School Graduate, practicing hygiene since 1975. Although she welcomes patients of all ages, she has special training in pediatrics, geriatrics and handicapped patients. LouAnn and her husband Gregg reside in Greenfield, Indiana.  She is the queen of  'it has to be right' - The time effort and expertise that she puts in to dentistry is awesome, deserving of an award.  LouAnn can calm the most fearful and treat every patient like gold.  She is like gold. LouAnn has worked with Dr. Kirkwood since 1988. 

When she is not busy taking care of patients, she is playing pickleball, attending spinning class, or enjoying a round of golf with her husband. When asked about her happy place she responded, “a day at the beach speaks to my soul.” 

“LouAnn treats us as family. She really wants to get to know you as a person not just a patient.” -Denise 

Amanda , RDH

Registered Dental Hygienist

Amanda is one of our talented Hygienists.  She is treats her patients so kindly and carefully that they feel like family.  She has her Dental Hygiene license as well as her Anesthesia license.  She spends much time sewing and making scrunchies.     She started with Kirkwood Dentistry in 2018.

She has spent countless hours making surgical masks for those treating COVID-19.  She is an amazingly talented team member. 

 Amanda is from Greenfield where she loves family, freinds, and PIZZA.  ask her : )

 As for the patient quotes, too many to list- they all say she is great!


Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Jennifer began her externship in December of 1996 with Dr. Kirkwood. She was immediately hired full time after graduating from dental assisting school. She then went on to earn her radiology license at the IU School of Dentistry. Throughout her years of service she has continued her education and received many other certifications, including coronal polishing, zoom whitening, fluoride application, caries prevention and her expanded functions.  Jennifer is the heartbeat of the office, she has been here forever and can do anything.  She knows most patients and needs before Doc does. She has traveled the country (like others) expanding her dental knowledge and skill set.

In her spare time Jennifer enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

“Jennifer is one of my favorite people. Always a warm smile when I see Jennifer at the practice. She is so knowledgeable and is always putting me at ease. Instead of wanting to climb out of the chair I'm wanting to sit and talk with her.” -Fred     

BTW- Many people have said the same thing about her.  -Dr. Brian



Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Kerri graduated from Eastern Hancock in 2001. She began her career with Dr. Kirkwood in 2003. In 2006, she attended the IU School of Dentistry and became an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant.  She has her radiology license in addition to her coronal polishing and fluoride application license.  Kerri is the backbone of the office.  She knows everything about everything.  She is brilliant and like our other staff members, she is so very  humble.  She loves dentistry and helping each patient achieve their ultimate dental goals.

 Kerri and her husband spend loving hours with their daughter and four boys.  They spend time fishing, camping, traveling, playing games and enjoying their pets.

“Kerri is wonderful. She is a caring and compassionate. I have dental anxiety and she always makes me feel at ease. If i have any problem at all know she will stay with me until i am confident and it is fixed” -Connie


Dental Assistant

Ellie is one of our talented and energetic Dental Assistants.  She spends almost all of her time completing imperative tasks away from the patient arena.  Her smile is infectious and skill set is a welcome addition to Kirkwood Dentistry.

In her spare time she loves traveling the globe, family, friends, camping(glamping), skydiving, spelunking, modeling for Elle magazine and memorizing the Encyclopedia Britannica. 

 Every patient loves Ellie as does Maggie.


Comfort Puppy

Maggie is the most wonderful comfort puppy the world has ever known.

She can comfort small children with a single look, she can stop all discomfort with a single paw.  Look: out of Docs' arms leaps wonder-puppy... to comfort the timid, make happy out of the unhappy, eliminate your cares and worries.   It's Maggie the Magnificent.

A World tour is being considered. Her comfort powers spread far and wide.   

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